Consignment Program

Horizons East Sales works to sell your horse!

Our clients are a long list of trainers and riders from all over the United States and Canada as well as new clients generated from our web site, advertising and horse shows.

Our Consignment Program includes the following:

  • Quality Grain and Hay Feeding Four Times per Day
  • 12 x 12 Rubber Matted Shavings Filled Stalls
  • Professional Grooming and Clipping to Maintain Show Ready Appearance
  • Regular Daily Turnout
  • Professional or Supervised Amateur Rides 3 or 4 Times a Week
  • Show Quality Indoor and Outdoor Rings With Full Course of Jumps
  • Advertising with Digital Photos and Video

All of the above starts at $1000.00 per month. Horizons East bills a 15% commission at the conclusion of all sales

Consignment horses are subject to approval.