Toddler Riding Lessons

Toddler classes are set up as an introduction to riding for children, ages 3 -5. During these classes, children and their parent bond over grooming and handling ponies. The child will progress at their own pace and will begin riding when the comfort level of both parent and child allow.
Classes are set up in two parts:

  1. Involves grooming, proper handling of a pony, learning the parts of the horse and tack and
  2. Stretching exercises, balance games and building confidence while on horseback
    Parents do need to plan to take an active role in this class.

For parents with multiple children you will need to coordinate with the stable to ensure that a second handler can be present to assist with the class or a member of the stable will be available to babysit for the other children. There will be an additional $20 fee to have either a second handler or a babysitter. If you would like to take advantage of this offer please let us know 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson time to coordinate with our staff. This offers peace of mind to all involved so you and your child can get the most out of your lesson!

To register for class please call Horizons East at 925-960-9696 and ask for Samantha or Danielle. Classes cost $40.00 each or you can purchase a package of 4 lessons for $155 or a package of 8 lessons for $305.